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What would it be like if an HSE student got to decide which student projects are worth funding? This is what HSEcoin is all about – a new HSE crowdfunding platform for financial support of student initiatives by the university.

Create a project

How It Works

Each year, HSEcoins will be awarded to students and later, to HSE staff members. You can obtain and transfer them to student projects via the HSEcoin section on the HSE Family website. Creators of student projects can purchase goods and services for the equivalent amount in roubles through the Student Initiative Support Centre. The HSEcoin-rouble exchange rate is set annually by the university. The total amount of HSEcoins awarded to students in 2018 will be announced in August.

How to create a project

Starting from September 3, 2018, projects can be created in the HSEcoin Section on the HSE Family website. The projects must be non-commercial with a requested amount of at least 15 000 roubles. The collection period should not exceed 1 month. All purchases for the project should be made no later than December 7, 2018. After the project is created, it is moderated, which takes no more than 5 working days.

How to transfer HSEcoins to projects

On September 13, HSEcoins will be awarded to students via their account in HSE Family. They can transfer them to student projects in the HSEcoin section. Students can choose to transfer all their funds to one project, or distribute them among different projects. If the project manages to raise more than 70% of the requested funds by the deadline, it is recognized as successful and can spend these funds on its implementation. If the project raises less than 70%, the funds are returned to the donors.

How to log in HSE Family

All HSE students have profile pages on HSE Family website. You can log in via social networks or using LMS. You can also access the service directly from LMS.

Why do we need it?

Now, in order to obtain financial support from the university, student projects will need to impress the HSE community (HSEcoin holders), and not the HSE administration. HSEcoins will give students the opportunity to have a go at conducting crowdfunding and PR campaigns. In order to run a successful fundraising campaign, they will need to convince hundreds (or maybe thousands) of HSE students to give them their HSEcoins.

What will happen to other mechanisms of student project support?

HSEcoins will supplement existing support mechanisms, such as the Student Project Contest, student project support and basic funding by student organisations. In the future, HSEcoin may become the main method for financing student projects and may replace all other options.


Event Calendar


Student projects that have already successfully raised funds. 

It’s an HSE music festival that has been held for 15 years and organised by Ingroup STS. This time it was a beautiful, loud student open-air
Coworking at the Faculty of Mathematics
Students of the Faculty of Mathematics applied for HSEcoins to create a comfortable space for study and leisure at their faculty
A magic school and everyday life in the HSE dormitory from the Training School
Student Play ‘Boeing-Boeing’
HSEcoin helped the theater Le Defi to create the setting for the play
HSE App + HSE Bot is an application for iPhone and Android, as well as a bot for Vkontakte, which helps students to quickly browse the schedule or find a free room in any HSE building
Multilanguage anti-club #poboltaem?
In this anti-club you can discuss topical issues in foreign languages, meet new people and have good time

HSEcoin News

At the beginning of the new academic year, HSE launched a new mechanism to support student projects called HSEcoin.  The first phase of fundraising through this platform took place from September 13 to November 20. During this time, student projects managed to collect 5,069.14 HSEcoins, which equals more than one million roubles based on 2018 exchange rates.  Below is a summary of the first phase of the HSEcoin campaign.
December 07, 2018
The work of HSEcoin crowdfunding platform has been extended till November 25. HSE students still have a few days to donate their HSEcoins to student projects or initiate fundraising themselves.
November 19, 2018
At the beginning of the academic year, HSE launched a crowdfunding platform to support student projects. On November 20th, the first  phase of fundraising through this platform will end, so it seems like a good time to sum up the initial results of this campaign in figures and facts.
November 14, 2018
HSEcoins have been donated by HSE students to finance student projects over the first few days of a new crowdfunding platform’s existence.
September 18, 2018
At the beginning of the new academic year, HSE launched a new mechanism for supporting student projects – HSEcoin. Now students will be the ones deciding how financing will be distributed to student initiatives.
July 23, 2018


For more information please contact HSEcoin project managers:

Ivan Chernyavsky

PR Manager at HSE Student Initiative Support Centre

Ekaterina Savitskaya

Manager at HSE Student Initiative Support Centre